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We have been a PayPal customer for over 20 years. In the news, you heard something to the effect that PayPal can fine their users $2500 for violating their “Acceptable Use Policy”..BASICALLY, IF THEY FEEL YOU ARE SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION, THEY WILL FINE YOU… their stock took a nose dive and then lost a huge amount of their customer base…. They then apologized and took down that statement because it was a mistake. TO OUR MOST APPREICIATED CUSTOMERS – the policy is back up again in their terms of use! See Below.

As of 11-2-22, we will only be accepting CHECKS or CASH for payment until we can replace it with a suitable CC system THAT IS IN ALIGN WITH OUR AMERICAN FREEDOM! FYI – THEY ALSO OWN VENMO!

What is PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy and where can I find it?

PayPal maintains an Acceptable Use Policy to identify the types of products and services that are prohibited and those that require pre-approval. It is the responsibility of the buyers and sellers to ensure they are compliant with all applicable laws and policies.

If you think a customer is violating our Acceptable Use Policy, you can report them. Make sure to specify their website and what they’re violating.

If you violate the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), we may hold your money up to 180 Days, may place a limitation on your ability to use PayPal’s products and services, may debit your PayPal account up to $2,500 USD [or $2,500 CAD for all PayPal Canada account holders] for each such violation, and may take legal action against you to recover additional losses we incur.

You can find our Acceptable Use Policy by clicking Legal at the bottom of any PayPal page.